Giving back to the community is an important focus of TIS.

TIS has been part of Brisbane’s landscape since the late 1980’s and as we have grown so too has our support of our charitable and community partners.

We continue to invest in these groups that effect positive outcomes and believe our support is important to both our local and greater community.

We proudly support:

MATES in Construction 

Suicide rates are high in the construction industry. Research reveals we lose a construction worker every second day to suicide. MATES is raising awareness, building capacity, and providing help and research to prevent suicide.

MATES in Construction has created an integrated program of training and support. The MATES program uses training as a tool to raise awareness that there is a problem with suicide and everybody can be part of the solution.

Support is provided through clear pathways to connect workers in need to appropriate help.

Learn more about the MATES program.  

MATES in construction is a registered charity and relies on donations and funding provided by supporting organisations within the construction industry to pay for the suicide prevention programs they provide. 

Join with TIS and help reduce the suicide rate in the construction industry.

Donate here. 

One in Five

One in Five Australians are suffering from a mental illness. This devoted charity wants to find cures for mental illness and turn One into None.

One in Five is different from all other mental health charities. They are 100% dedicated to raising funds for medical research.

One in Five believes research is the key to finding the answers, discovering better treatments and hopefully unlocking cures. As such, 95% of all funds raised go directly to their research partners. They proudly support leading Australian mental illness experts at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health and Monash Health in Victoria. 

One in Five is a volunteer-based organisation with no government funding. All funds raised come directly from their events like the Extreme Challenge, the Extremely Long Lunch, and donations from the community. 

Join with TIS and help turn One into None.

Donate here. 

Kedron Lions Netball Club

Kedron Lions Netball Club is a not for profit community organisation that is raising the profile of netball and physical activity within the local community. They are associated with the Brisbane Netball Association and based at Bradbury Park in Chermside, Brisbane.

TIS is proud to be a supporter and uniform sponsor of this great club. For more information about the Kedron Lions Netball Club, click here.