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Commercial Irrigation

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Central Control Systems

TIS has completed many large scale central control systems projects. Our systems have also included weather stations, soil moisture sensor systems and remote access and operation via smart phone or tablet.

Irrigation central control systems enables the programming, monitoring, and operation of irrigation systems from a central location. Central control systems are designed to allow a user to control a single site or a set of sites from a single computer.

Central control software allows the water manager to set up programming to automatically control satellite controllers or two-wire decoders which operate the irrigation valves. A central control system can monitor and adapt system operation and irrigation run times in response to conditions in the system or surrounding area. (weather conditions, pipe breaks, etc.).

The system will also provide historical data to allow analysis and reporting of what ran when, how much water was used, and field problems.

There are a variety of systems to match the needs of the customer, budget, site, or application. Select from systems that are designed specifically for single sites, multiple sites, small, or large sites. For example, Rain Bird central control systems can utilize satellite controllers, two-wire decoders, or a combination.

The TIS team of certified designers and experienced technicians can design, install and maintain to deliver a full turnkey central project.

This can include all project facets such as control equipment, cabinet upgrades, weather station security fences, communication data packages, all to suit your needs and budget.

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Commercial Irrigation