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Commercial Irrigation

Water Done Well

Mining Infrastructure & Vehicle Washdown

  • You can rely on TIS expertise to design, supply, install and maintain mining infrastructure and vehicle washdown facilities.

    Mining Infrastructure Works

    TIS’s mining infrastructure projects include:

    Subsurface Effluent Dispersal Systems – Can be linked directly to the site STP (Sewerage Treatment Plant). These systems can be controlled by PLC incorporating tank level sensors, pressure sensors and soil moisture sensors for complete automatic operation.

    Pump Stations – Bore, transfer and “fast fill” water truck fill system and transfer pump.

    Storage Tanks – For storage of treated effluent and harvested bore water.

    Vehicle Washdown Facilities

    High pressure cleaning system with integrated water recycling system.

    Telemetry and Instrumentation – Remote monitoring of bore water depths, soil moisture, pump pressures and status as well as other operating parameters.

    Irrigation – Camp, sports field and other recreation area irrigation using recycled and harvested rainwater.

    The vehicle washdown system is designed to provide a low maintenance, straightforward, water efficient vehicle wash down facility to clean site vehicles of dirt, mud and to also provide vehicle weed and seed control.

    Washdown water from the cleaning bay is treated by our water recycling system to remove the majority of the petrochemicals and silt from the return water and is then dosed with chlorine to allow storage in the recycled water tank ready for reuse through the facilities high pressure cleaners.

    Depending on seasonal evaporation we are achieving a minimum of 85% water reuse efficiency from the facility.


Commercial Irrigation