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Commercial Irrigation

Water Done Well

Solar Pumps

  • Solar pumps are an energy efficient, low cost way to irrigate your property or for any commercial irrigation solution.

    TIS supply and install the Lorentz range of solar irrigation pumps. These can be designed to provide irrigation solutions for any application.

  • Drinking Water:

    LORENTZ solar water pumping systems have a proven track record of delivering drinking water to homescommunities and livestock all around for over 20 years. As an application, there is nothing more critical than drinking water. Therefore, choosing a system that you know will deliver the water you need, reliably and predictably is of the upmost importance.


    Solar water pumping systems are a perfect match for irrigation. As the sun is such a valuable source of energy, a solar pump can provide an easy, energy efficient solution to farms, plantations, or any other facility where pumped water is required. A solar pump will lower running costs while still providing year round irrigation solutions.

    Responsible Leisure:

    Pools pumps are the second biggest energy consumer in many homes (air conditioning being the first). The LORENTZ PS2 solar pool pump will keep your swimming pools crystal clear without any electricity costs.


    Industry in both developed and fast developing countries can suffer from unreliable grid power or very high peak rate power which has an adverse effect on productivity and competitiveness.

  • Brisbane City Council – Koala Fodder Plantation, Grindle Road, Wacol

Commercial Irrigation