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Stormwater Harvesting - TIS Contracting Pty Ltd
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Stormwater Harvesting

  • TIS stormwater harvesting systems incorporate low energy, high yield methods to capture, collect and reuse this valuable resource. Systems ranging from collecting water from open sports turf subsurface drainage systems and overland flows to harvesting water from natural water courses and drilling of bore holes, TIS is able to provide your alternative water solution.

    Not only does using your own source of rain water save you money, it saves the environment. In some parts of the world, and indeed our own country, Australia, rain water is the only source of water available. Natural water supplies are scarce in some regions so this is all some communities have access to.

    With proper collection and filtration, our systems are able to provide ongoing irrigation water supplies to maintain your sports fields or landscape with reduced reliance on town, potable water at a reduced ongoing cost.

    incorporate low energy, high yield methods to capture, collect and reuse this valuable resource.

    Rain water tanks can be fitted with pumps, filters and pipes to deliver water to any part of your home, business or sports field, for inside or outside or outside use.

    The TIS team can design, construct, supply and maintain harvesting and other alternative water systems to meet your needs.

  • Water restrictions have been in place for many years in some parts of Australia. It has seen the decline of some of the gardening industry and in turn, how we keep our own lawn and garden. People are opting for very little or no lawn these days and keeping a home garden is a thing of the past. With your own water supply, you can have a healthy lawn, an easy to keep garden and grow your own source of food by planting a vegetable garden. The health benefits of having a lawn and garden are immense. The balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide emissions, an essential part of life, is restored when having a home garden. There’s no better feeling than grass under your feet.

    The quality of rain water is sometimes better than mains water. It hasn’t been treated with chemicals like chlorine or fluoride like mains water. If properly collected, harvested and filtered, it is a perfectly acceptable and cheap resource.

    Council water bills will be significantly reduced by installing a rain water harvesting system. As water resources diminish and populations continue to increase, Councils will have no other option but to increase the cost of water to the consumer. Having your own supply will alleviate this situation. There is also the ongoing cost of upgrades and maintenance to water treatment plants which is nearly always funded by the tax payer and rate payer.

    Being in the midst of summer and, in some parts of Australia, the wet season, rain fall is usually high at this time of the year. There is nearly always significant damage to roads, land, water sources and the natural environment caused by stormwater run off. If everyone harvested this excess supply, it would reduce this damage to the environment for future generations to enjoy.


  • All the following clients of TIS are all are benefiting from alternative water supplies:.

    Brisbane City Council

    Ipswich City Council

    Shaw Road Sports Fields, Wavell Heights, Queensland

    Prentice Park, Lutwyche, Queensland

    Marchant Park, Chermside, Queensland

    Brisbane Women’s Hockey, Windsor, Queensland

    Mitchelton Football Club, Queensland

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