Get a FREE Rain Sensor with the Purchase of Any WiFi Irrigation Controller

Summer 2017 is here and already starting to warm up. If you’re committed to keeping a healthy lawn and garden all summer long, a WiFi irrigation controller can be programmed to automatically water your property as programmed. But what if it rains? You won’t want to waste valuable water if it’s raining. For a strictly limited time you can get a free rain sensor with the purchase of any WiFi controller (*).

Get a FREE Rain Sensor with every purchase of a Wifi irrigation controller

What is a WiFi Controller?

The latest technology in irrigation controllers is a WiFi enabled ‘smart’ irrigation controller that allows you to manage your home irrigation via your smart phone or tablet.

You can control your home WiFi irrigation controller in the palm of your hand from anywhere in the world. You can override preset settings, for example, turn it on/off, increase/decrease length of watering times, track local weather reports or you can set different timings for different zones on your property.

Turf Irrigation Services stock the following smart WiFi irrigation controllers.

Hunter Hydrawise WiFi Enabled Smart Station Irrigation Controller

Hunter Hydrawise Smart WiFi Controllers


Orbit B-Hyve Wi-fi Smart Sprinkler Timer

Orbit B-Hyve Smart WiFi Controllers

What if it’s raining?

If you have your WiFi irrigation controller set to start at a particular time, you can override the settings via your smart phone or tablet but what if you forget or don’t hear about the rain?

Water has become such an expensive and valuable resource, you don’t want to be paying for it if it’s not needed.

That’s why installing a Rain Sensor will automatically sense that it’s raining and turn off your WiFi irrigation controller.

What does a rain sensor do?

rain sensor or rain switch is a switching device activated by rainfall. It is a water conservation device connected to an automatic irrigation system that causes the system to shut down in the event of rainfall.

A sprinkler rain sensor operates via a gauge mounted on an external arm, that is mounted near your lawn or garden, attached to the sprinkler system. Disks inside the gauge absorb water and expand more as rain continues falling. These send a message to the sprinkler system controller, interrupting the electronic signal that turns on the sprinklers. The signal is blocked until the disks shrink again to their dry size. The sprinkler controller then receives the start signal, and resumes its spraying schedule.

Get your FREE Rain Sensor

For a strictly limited time, Turf Irrigation Services are offering a FREE Irritrol Rain Sensor (*) with every purchase of a Smart WiFi Irrigation Controller. This will take all the guess work out of having to remember to change the settings on your controller. You don’t need unnecessary water excess charges on your Council utility bills nor do you want to waste water.

Taking water management to the next level, the proven Irritrol® RainSensor™ Series makes watering in the rain a mistake of the past. The reliable wired rain sensors conserve water by preventing irrigation during or after sufficient rainfall. With its compact design and host of convenient features, the RainSensor Series is the perfect complement to any standard controller.

To claim your FREE Irritrol Rain Sensor, visit the TIS Store situated at 11 Moreton Bay Road, Capalaba. For any queries, use the contact form or phone 3245 6000 during business hours.


(*) Conditions Apply:  Available in-store only. Only available while stocks last. Strictly limited stock quantities available.

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