How to protect your lawn and garden in a hot summer

Summer is here and when the forecast says we’re in for a long hot summer, you may start to wonder how you’re going to keep your lawn and garden thriving during those warm months. Here are a few tips on how to protect your lawn and garden in a hot summer.

How to protect your lawn and garden in a hot summer


Water Deep & Less

During hot, dry weather, ensure you water deeply and less often. The more you water will only encourage grass to grow short roots causing it to stress out during dry conditions.

A good indicator for keeping your lawn green during the hot summer is approximately 2.5cm of water once a week.

Early in the morning is best time to water, between 6:00am and 10:00am to help reduce evaporation from the heat of the day.

Keep Mower Blades Sharp & High

Keep your mower blades sharp so they don’t ‘shred’ the grass. Grass will lose more moisture than it would with a clean cut. Also, shredded tips turn brown making it look dull.

Most grass types prefer to be mowed high so set it high. Taller grass grows deeper roots and deeper roots can reach moisture that’s further below the surface.

Avoid Feeding When Your Lawn is Stressed

Lawns can become stressed during hot, dry periods so avoid feeding during this time.  Once the weather cools down and rain returns, feed your lawn then to assist with recovery.


Mulch, Mulch, Mulch

Keeping your garden beds mulched with at least 3 to 5cm of good quality, organic mulch will ensure water is not lost to evaporation while still providing essential nutrients to the soil. Before laying the mulch, apply a soil wetting application around the plant’s roots to encourage water to be absorbed in those areas.

Irrigation Systems

Installing an irrigation system that is programmed for both your lawn and your garden will ensure your plants and lawn will get the water they need during the hot months of summer.

Zones can be created in your garden so that plants that don’t need much water can be programmed to only irrigate a certain amount at certain times. Drip filter irrigation tubing will deliver a constant supply of a minimal amount of water to ensure the soil stays moist during summer for plants that need more water. This can all be programmed with an irrigation controller.

Irrigate in the Morning

Similar to the lawn above, watering in the morning between 6:00am and 10:00am is the best time to avoid evaporation from the heat of the sun and avoid any diseases that may occur from watering in the evening.

Stormwater Harvesting

To reduce water costs even more, consider installing a stormwater tank to irrigate your lawn and garden from. TIS are able to supply and install a suitable tank for your needs. An irrigation controller and suitable pumps can be also installed for a complete, money and time saving alternative to sprinkling and hand watering your lawn and garden this summer.

Avoid Over Watering your Plants

When plants are over watered, excessive moisture in the soil can cause bacteria to develop, oxygen to be in short supply, and may create fungal disease. Resist the urge to water your plants when it’s really hot outside. The best indicator is to touch the soil to make sure it’s dry before you decide to water.

Keep on Top of the Weeds

Weeds can thrive under any conditions but especially when competing with established plants. To avoid the plants you want in your garden failing to thrive, remove weeds as they appear. You’ll be ensuring that your plants won’t be fighting for nutrients and valuable water.

TIS Can Assist

Hunter PRO-HC Hydrawise 12 Station Wi-Fi Outdoor Controller

An irrigation controller can be programmed to ensure the correct amount of water is delivered to areas of lawn and garden as per specific needs. TIS sell a comprehensive range of smart Wi-Fi irrigation controllers that can be controlled by your ‘Smart’ device. Settings can be manually overridden should it rain.

Check out the range of irrigation controllers TIS have available in store with free shipping available in Australia. TIS can also assist with installing sprinklers and setting up zones for your lawn and garden so the variety of plants and lawn are getting the correct amount of water at the right time of day. Contact TIS using the Contact Form or phone 1300 787 003 for more information.

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