Irrigation Works for Koala Fodder Plantation, Wacol

As experienced designers and installers of irrigation works, TIS are able to provide a wide variety of irrigation and pumping solutions for any project and being involved in the solar pumps and irrigation works for the Koala Fodder Plantation at Wacol, Queensland was no exception.

Koala Fodder Plantation, Wacol

Working with the Brisbane City Council, a koala food tree farm located on Grindle Road, Wacol will be used to feed rescued koalas at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary and the RSPCA.

Koala Fodder Plantation, Wacol

Environment, Parks and Sustainability chairman David McLachlan said the food tree farm at Wacol would be a first for Brisbane City Council and it hoped to create more koala fodder plantations in the future.

Over 8,000 stems of 12 different eucalypt varieties will be planted on the 12ha property at Grindle Rd, Wacol.

The fodder grown will benefit the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary and other koala rescue groups. General Manager of the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, Robert Friedler says it will relieve the burden on wildlife rescue carers, including the RSPCA, for finding enough good quality eucalyptus leaves for rescued koalas.

In collaboration with the Brisbane City Council, it is hoped that Brisbane will become Australia’s “koala capital” which includes a planned research centre.

Koala Fodder Plantation, Wacol

The project comprises an automatic sprinkler system to irrigate the eucalypt plants powered by Lorentz Solar Pumps. The pumps will pump water harvested in the two stormwater tanks. This will ensure year round, energy efficient automatic watering of the plantation.

Koala Fodder Plantation, Wacol

For more information about irrigation solutions, stormwater harvesting, Lorentz solar pumps or this project, please contact Mr Brett Peel, Director of TIS on 07 3245 6000 or send an email enquiry using the Contact form.

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