How to Keep Your Lawn & Garden Green in Summer

Spring is the perfect time to make the necessary preparations to keep your lawn and garden green in summer. With year after year of reduced rainfall, it’s time to put in place time and money saving options into your lawn and garden to keep what can be a valuable asset to your home.

How to Keep Your Lawn & Garden Green This Summer


Nothing could be better for your lawn and garden than starting NOW, that is, being prepared in the cooler months like Autumn, Winter and Spring to ensure that your lawn and garden will stay green and in peak condition throughout the heat of summer. No longer can you rely on rainfall to ensure the correct amount of water is kept up to your lawn and plants.

Unfortunately with lower natural supplies of water, high Council water rates costs and lower than expected rainfall, we are relying more heavily on town water to maintain our gardens. To keep our costs low, we have to ensure we have cost effective ways of watering our garden and the best way to do that is to install an irrigation system.

The initial set up costs may be high but in the long run the money you save will far outweigh the cost of the irrigation system. TIS are experts in the supply and installation of irrigation systems having been servicing the Redlands and supplying Australia wide for over 30 years and can either advise on the best possible irrigation system for your personal needs or install the system for you. Contact TIS to arrange a no obligation free quote or call in to the TIS Store at 11 Moreton Bay Road, Capalaba or phone on 3245 6000.

If installing an irrigation system yourself, TIS can advise on the best and most economical options for your space, the fittings required and the amount of water needed to upkeep and maintain your lawn and garden.

Do the work now and reap the rewards in summer.


Hunter Hydrawise WiFi Smart Enabled Irrigation Controller

Technology has come a long way since the days of the humble sprinkler connected to the end of the hose. Long gone are the days of hand held watering and popping a sprinkler head on the end of the hose and remembering to move it every so often.

Most Councils in Australia have restrictions on both hand held and sprinkler watering. How do you know exactly how much water you’re using and is it enough or too much for your lawn and the plants in your garden?

The Hunter Hydrawise WiFi Enabled Smart Irrigation Controller is an example of the advanced technology available today to keep your lawn and garden green.  The Hydrawise Irrigation Controller, available as an indoor or outdoor controller and comes in 6 or 12 station models is a device that allows you to control and monitor your home irrigation from anywhere in the world using your web browser or the Hydrawise iPhone and Android apps all from your mobile phone. It also allows for advanced scheduling to meet the needs of almost any landscape requirement. Hydrawise Ready controller supports flow meters, rain sensors, master valves, and even lighting programs. This is perfect for replacing an old sprinkler or installing a new one.

The technology of the Hydrawise is so advanced that you can check local weather reports so if it’s raining and you’re on the other side of the country, it will override any watering schedules so you don’t waste water. Alternatively, it can calculate just how much water is required to effectively keep your lawn and garden well hydrated.

For something less sophisticated, the Galcon 9001BT Bluetooth Irrigation Controller connects to your tap and controls the timing to irrigate home gardens, drip and sprinkler systems, flower pots, roof gardens and flowerbeds. It is also managed via an app on your Apple or Android hand held device.

Technology in the irrigation field is always advancing and the team at TIS can keep you up to date on the latest and most effective solution for your home garden. Contact TIS for more information specific to your needs.


The plants you grow in your garden should be indigenous to the area, that is, they will thrive because the conditions are suitable for the weather, amount of sun they receive and the amount of watering they need. If you’re trying to grow plants that aren’t, you’ll find them harder to grow and you could ultimately be wasting valuable water on keeping them alive.

The same goes for turf. Growing the correct turf that will thrive in your part of the country will also alleviate the need to over water and will ultimately reduce your water supply and your lawn will thrive.


You could be killing your lawn and garden with too much water. Surprisingly, watering every day or every other day is bad for your lawn and leads to disease and a shallow root system.  Water only when your lawn needs it. How often you water your lawn will depend on the weather, the type of grass and soil you have. The lawn should be partly dried out between waterings. This lets in air to the root system, stimulates deeper root formation and creates a more drought resistant lawn.

An irrigation system can regulate the correct amount of water your lawn and garden requires. It can be preset with calculated settings based on all factors like weather, the best time of day to water like early in the morning or late in the day, the type of lawn or plant it is and the frequency required.  With the busy lives we lead, we don’t have time to water when we should so leaving it up to an irrigation system that will only water as required will save you time, money and the environment because the water will only be going where and when it is needed.


If and when it does rain, harvest your own water into your own tank and use that water solely to water your lawn and garden. TIS can provide and install the correct water tank for your needs. TIS also can advise on what pumps and other equipment are required. Water has become such a valuable resource. This initial set up cost will also save you a lot of money over the course of time therefore protecting your lawn and garden.


There are so many products on the market today that will provide a solution to keeping your lawn and garden green this summer. For the best possible advice, contact one of the friendly team members at TIS to have all your questions answered and the most affordable and best options for your needs. You can complete the Contact Form, phone 3245 6000 or visit the TIS Shop at 11 Moreton Bay Road, Capalaba and see some of the equipment in action.



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