Lawn Care for Winter in Australia

When the weather forecasters said that we were in for a cold winter in Australia in 2018, they were right. It’s been cold thus far and we’re only half way through it. You may be worried about the cold weather and it’s affect on your lawn in winter but you may be surprised that it’s not that difficult to care for you lawn in winter here in Australia.

Lawn Care for Winter in Australia

Most of the grass that is grown for the Australian climate suits much warmer weather conditions. It’s not designed for cold weather at all.

Growth of your lawn slows in winter so you won’t need to mow as often. If you raise the height of your mower blades before winter and keep the length of your lawn a bit higher until spring, it will bring a much greener lawn in the warmer months.

Expose your lawn to as much light as possible during winter. This means pruning overhanging branches to shed more light on your lawn.  Also remember to remove leaf debris from fallen trees and any lawn clippings left from after mowing to expose more light onto your lawn.

Winter is a good time to prevent weeds taking over your lawn when the weather warms up, especially broad leaf weeds such as dandelion, bindii, clover, capeweed, cudweed and thistles. Use a fertiliser that won’t damage the lawn itself. A ‘weed and feed’ type solution will both help remove the weeds and fertilise the lawn at the same time.

Towards the end of winter, start applying slow release fertilisers to your lawn.  It will slowly release nutrients into your lawn for months afterwards.

A good habit to also get into is to make sure your mower blades have been sharpened properly by the end of winter. As your mowing begins to increase in the warmer months. Not only will a sharp blade cut the blades of grass clean, which will help your grass recover quicker, it will help reduce your mowing time.

If you have any queries about taking advantage of installing irrigation for your lawn and home garden, please feel free to contact TIS. Winter is the perfect time to have irrigation installed so you can manage the exact water requirements for your lawn and garden which will help save you time watering your lawn and money on excess water charges.



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