Water tanks in new homes in Queensland


After a recent review by the Queensland Government to install water tanks in new homes in Queensland, it has revealed a potential savings of billions of dollars in operating, renewal, augmentation costs for water and stormwater infrastructure throughout South East Queensland.


Bryan Ward, Chief Executive Officer at Irrigation Australia Limited announced in a media statement that “water tanks in new homes could save Queensland families thousands and the State billions!”.

He said “new homes which incorporate rainwater tanks will reduce residential water use in South East Queensland which will increase the resilience and security of the state’s water supplies”.

“The cost of living for Queensland families will also be reduced through a reduction in household municipal water consumption and lessening the increases in fixed charges due to less capital infrastructure expenditure.”

After such a long, dry hot summer in 2019/2020, steady population growth in south east Queensland (according to Master Builders Queensland reports), this recent review by the Queensland State Government couldn’t have been timelier.

Read the full media statement from Bryan Ward, CEO from Irrigation Australia Limited

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